Westmeath Environmental Group (W.E.G.) are small group of individuals who got together to help protect our community and the environment in which we live in.
Position of W.E.G. with regard to Renewable Sources of Energy.

Climate change is a frightening reality.  It is vitally important for Ireland to drastically reduce our use of fossil fuels.  Currently 92% of our energy needs are sourced from fossil fuels. Industrial sized wind turbines in rural areas of dispersed housing settlements are not the solution, especially not so, when such projects are driven by developers and investors and heavily subsided by taxpayers. 

Fracking is not the solution either, because of serious environmental concerns e.g. contamination of ground water, depletion of fresh water, contamination of air and health effects from dangerous airborne pollutants not to mention underground instability.

We are in favour of “Community Power”.  Communities taking responsibility for renewables in their own area, in decision making, and operating their own backed renewable energy solutions.

This is already happening in Europe!  A community energy project could be a solar co-operative, a community insulation project, a district heating system fuelled from local biomass, an anaerobic digester fuelled from local farms or perhaps even a community owned wind power – not industrial sized wind turbines!

With “Community Power”, local people would decide what was best suited for their area.  Biomass from forestry in a heavily forested area or an anaerobic digester in an agriculturally rich area or roof- top solar panels. 

Wind energy is already part of the reneweable energy soloution and it is now time to look to and invest in more reneweable energy sourcs i.e. doemstic solar panels, anerobice digestion and biomass.

Industrial sized windfarms have been foisted on too many rural communities against their will.  With “Community Power”, the community would decide on the type of renewable energy, the appropriate size and location of the 'plan of action'. We believe this approach is the best way forward.  Renewables are so urgently needed and profit driven companies cannot be allowed to hijack this agenda for their own financial gain.

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“It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.” 

Ansel Adams– Photographer & Environmentalist (1902-1984)