Our Campaigns

Our campaigns are with regards to Industrial Wind Farms and Irelands Energy Policy, and to end the process of "Water Fluoridation of Our Public Piped Water Supply".



Industrial Wind Farms and Energy Policy?

Does Ireland need to invest in more Wind Technology for Ireland? . It is understood that Ireland needs to reduce its CO2 emmisions -- but wind energy does very little of this as it has to be constantly be backed up with fossil fuel plants for the times when the wind does not blow or is to hight and the turbines have to be turned off. Read More.

Water Fluoridation!

Why is Ireland insisting on fluoridated our public pipe water supply. Fluoride is more toxic than lead and less toxic than arsenic (we would not put either of theses chemicals in our bath water less alone in our tea our food.). Yet this is what our government insist on doing whether we like it or not, agree or disagree. Read More.

Think Green -- Charter 2016

2016 Charter" is a simpler more sustainable way of living, that gives the natural world around us the respect and protection it needs.  In the western world we are all part of a consumer driven society that is so wasteful of the Earth’s precious resources. Attached is a list of simple resolutions from which you can select many or few commitments to help the environment. Read More.

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