Fluoridation of Public Water Supply

The Irish government is fluoridating our piped public drinking water Supply at 0.6-0.8 milligrams of fluoride per liter (mg/L) for health reasons. In Europe, only Ireland (73%), Poland (1%), Serbia (3%), Spain (11%), and the U.K. (11%) fluoridate their water.  Most developed countries, including Japan and 97% of the western European population, do not consume fluoridated water. Ireland remains the only country within the European region with a legislative mandatory policy requiring the fluoridation of all public water supplies.1 Ireland currently spends €4.8 million annually on this process.2
The Department of Health and Children and their appointed board of experts “The Irish Expert Body On Fluorides’ and Health” 3 support the process of fluoridation of our piped drinking water supply on the basis that it prevents tooth decay without any adverse effects to human health -- which is widely disputed by many experts across the globe. Ireland began in 1964 after the introduction of the “Fluoridation Waters Supply Acts” in 1960.


Fluoride: The Issues

Why Ireland Fluoridates The Water?

Governments reason for fluoridating our public piped water supply is to 'prevent cavities in our teeth'. It's for health reasons. Their is no doctor in western medicine allowed to per scribe a dose where that doese is good for all. Read More.

Health Issues!

Their is many health issues associated with fluoridation. It is connected to cancer, diabetis, as a hormone disrupter, arthritis, and much more. Their is much concern about the accumulation of fluoride in our bones over an extended period of time and many professionals have documented this and most have been ignored. Read More.

Sources Of Fluoride!

Their is many sources of fluoride. Every time you make tea, a soup, boil your potatoes, your pasta etc., you are getting a dose of fluoride. Our animals drink it. Our foods and drinks we export are made with. Read More.

Is This Justice?

Have we not got a right to decide for ourselves if we want to consume fluoridated water. Fluoride is a by-product of the fertilizer industry. Why is the Irish Government putting such chemicals in our water supply and forcing us to consume it. If people want to have fluoride they can get tablets -- they have a choice. Read More.

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