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W.E.G. have not currently set up our own individual petitions for the various campaigns but what we have done is provided the url's and links to those groups who already have petitions set up.
Please select a campaign and sign the petition -- we need as much help as possible with all of these issues. Thank you for taking the time.
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Industrial Wind Farms
Water Fluoridation
Stop TTIP & C.E.T.A.
Industrial Wind Farms:no more turbines

As we said earlier in this site we are not opposed to wind energy and we do see a place for it to help meet our renewable energy targets for 2020. But we think that the size and scale of the governments plan is not necessary. We have all ready fulfilled our commitment for wind energy and we think it be far better to move to other methods of reducing our CO 2 output such energy conservation in home etc and investing more public transport to begin with.

Save the Midlands have an on-line petition at which you can sign and help to make a difference.





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Water Fluoridation:no fluoride

Water fluoridation is being forced on us whether you agree or disagree with the practice. It not only takes away our rights but by successive governments continuing this practice they are putting us at an unnecessary health risk -- as Dr. Phyllis Mullenix – Pharmacologist/Toxicologists, said their is "absolutely no drug on the market that's given where one does fits all situations".

To win back one of your basic rights --"the right to choose". Go to Fluoride Free Water petition at




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Supporters of Fracking advocate the benefits from recovering gas which if it was not for the technology available through fracking the gas would otherwise be left untapped. The advocate that is safe and their is no need to worry. However, there is a growing number of people here in Ireland and internationally who oppose hydraulic fracking as they have concerns with regards to the environmental risks e.g. contamination of ground water, depletion of fresh water, contamination of air, and health effects from dangerous airborne and also their is the negative effects on our agriculture, growing tourism industry, fishing and other water activities.

To take action we direct you towards Fracking Free Ireland web page, where they have a petition in action. Just go to and sign.

Global Frackdown Month -- November 2015Global Frackdown 2015

Global Frackdown originated as a single international day of action per year, in 2015 the Global Frackdown will occur during the entire month of November in the lead up to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris, France. The “Global Frackdown to Paris” will serve to highlight our growing movement and build pressure on national leaders to oppose fracking.

Sign the Global Anti-Fracking Petition.

To learn more about the event visit our events page here


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Stop T.T.I.P. and No to Ratifying the C.E.T.A.:

European Citizens Initiative (E.C.I) have organised a petition to gather signature from all over Europe requesting the end of the negotiations between Europe and U.S.A. on the "Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership" (T.T.I.P) and asking European leaders not to ratify the" Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement" (C.E.T.A.) with Canada.

These agreements should the become law it will leave countries including Ireland with less power over their goods, services and workers rights. We must join the movement and protect ourselves from multinationals.

Here is a link to the petition:

To learn more about the agreements check the following website

See the following link as to why Canadians are opposed to C.E.T.A.



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Once destroyed, nature's beauty cannot be repurchased at any price.

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