Industrial Wind Farms & Wind Energy

At W.E.G. we first would like it to be known that as a group we are not opposed to the government’s plan for wind energy to be part of Irelands renewable energy program but we are strongly opposed to the government plan for Westmeath and the throughout Ireland to be the location for the bulding of more Industrial Wind Farms. It is time for the government to stop investing in this in-efficint and expensive technology and to invest more in other renewables such as biomass, tidal and solar.

The following highlights some of the issus with Wind Energy.


The Issues:

Problems With Industrial Wind Farms?

Their is many concerns with regards to industrial wind farms de-valuation, low frequency noise, health issues, sleep disorders, biodiversity and wildlife concerns, ground water and surface oil contamination. Read More.

Wind Energy And CO2 Emmisions

Supporters of wind energy and large scale industrial wind farms advocate that this technology will reduce CO2 and will reduce our dependency on conventual fossil fuel plants, but this is not the case wind energy has to be continuously backed with fossil fuel and whats more energy companies get paid for doing nothing. Read More.

Turbines, Pylons and Government's Energy Policy?

Is Ireland current Energy Policy the best way forward for Ireland to meet it's future energy needs?. Their is no dispute in the fact that we must reduce our CO2 emissions but building massive wind farms, pylons and inter connectors is this all necessary. How much energy do we actually need for the future? Read More.

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seai wind farm map
Eirgrid -- Smart Grid Dashbord

Click on the image below to see how much Wind Energy was generated to-day.

seai wind farm map

SEAI Wind Farm Map 2015

Click on the image to see S.E.A.I. map of Wind Farms throughout Ireland.

seai wind farm map