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NTR Commits €50m For Fund To Be Backed By UK Giant
Irish Independent -- December 24 2015

EirGrid Pays 83 Staff Average Salaries Of More Than €100,000
Irish Times -- December 18 2015

Support Pat Swords in Defence Of The Arhus Convention
The Law Is My Oyster

IFA At Odds With Wind Lobbyists On White Paper
Farmers Journal -- 17 December 2015

Frank McDonald: White Paper On Low-Carbon Energy Future Is Pretty Lame
Opinion Irish Times -- 16 December 2015

Windfarm Guidelines Not Ready By Election
Irish Examiner -- 14 December 2015

Power Firms Plead Guilty To Failings After Man Dies Working On Wind Farm
The Hearld Scotland -- 13 December 2015

Farmer Sues Wind Farm Over Stressed Cows
YouTube -- December 2015 (Also See The Telegarpah story)

Mainstream Made Payment To IFA
Irish Farmers Journal -- 05 December 2015

Cloncreen Wind Farm Pre-Planning
Board na Mona -- 03 December 2015

Arguments For Wind Turbines Blowing Hot And Cold As Rural Dwellers Complain
Irish Examiner -- 03 December 2015

Bord na Móna Is Proposing To Develop A Wind Farm In Derryadd, Co. Longford
Board na Mona -- 02 December 2015

Analysis Of The Alex White Interview (Interview can be listened to Here)
The Law Is My Oyster -- 02 December 2015

Communities To Be Encouraged To Buy Stakes In Controversial Wind Farms
Irish Independent -- 30 November 2015

Technology Problems With Wind Turbines
Irish Energy Blog -- 26 November 2015

Infrasound Emissions From Wind Turbines Have Adverse Health Effects
The Law Is My Oyster -- 26 November 2015

Alex White Reluctant To Increase Wind Turbine Distances
Irish Times -- 29 November 2015

Critics Of Wind Energy 'Stoke Fake Technology Fears' Despite Success
Irish Independent -- 24 November 2015

Renewable Energy 'Simply WON'T WORK': Top Google Engineers
The Register -- 21 November 2015

E.U. Energy Plan Includes Electricity Interconnectors Linking Ireland To France (Updated list from 2013)
Energy Business Europe -- 19 November 2015

Minister White Gives No Commitment On Use Of Biomass In Moneypoint
Irish Farmers Journal -- 15 November 2015

Mathieu Flamini: Arsenal Midfielder Reveals He Is Set To Revolutionise £20bn Energy Industry
Independent -- 15 November 2015

How Green Is Your Data Centre? -- 13 November 2015

Cowen Says Current Wind Energy Levels Sufficient
Tullamore Tribune -- 12 November 2015

The Myth Of “Green” Data Centres
The Law is My Oyster -- 02 November 2015

Government Accused Over 'Noisy' Northumberland Wind Turbines
Chronicle Live -- 02 November 2015

It's Not Just The West That's Awake And Angry - Rural Ireland Is Ready To Rumble In An Election Showdown
Irish Independent (Opinion) -- 31 October 2015

Losses Widen At ESB Windfarm Subsidiary
Irish Independent -- 30 October 2015

Rural Ireland Group Moves To Stop Some TDs Getting Re-Elected
NewsTalk -- 27 October 2015

Supreme Court Dismisses Latest Action Against Derrybrien Windfarm
Connaught Tribune -- 19 October 2015 9       (See case history HERE)

Minister Alex White Welcomes Eirgrid Announcement On Grid Link Project
Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources -- 08 October 2015

Wind Farms Do Make You Sick
Friends Against Wind -- 16 October 2015

EirGrid Scraps Plans For Massive Overhead Power Line Running From Cork To Kildare
Irish Independent -- 08 October 2015

Locals Facing Eviction After Losing Windfarm Appeal
Irish Examiner -- 23 September 2015

White Accused Of Pandering To 'Dublin 4 Set'
Irish Independent -- 20 September 2015

Germany Faces Huge Cost Of Wind Farm Decommissioning
Global Warming Policy Forum -- 17 September 2015

Wind And The Green Dream: Flatulence And Fancy
The Law is My Oyster (Blog) -- 12 September 2015

Gaelectric Borrows Another €28m For Wind
Irish Independent -- 06 September 2015

Wind Farm Investment Plunges With Power Prices In Nordic Region
Bloomberg News -- 04 September 2015

The Wind Industry: Grinding To An Early Halt
Stop These Things -- 03 September 2015

Israeli Firm Eyes More Windfarms After €24m Irish Deal
Irish Independent -- 14 August 2015

Taipower To Investigate Why Wind Turbines Toppled During Typhoon
Focus Taiwan News Channel -- 12 August 2015

Feasibility Study On Subsea Electricity Cable Linking Ireland And France
RTE News -- 15 July 2015

Letter To The Editor: Expense Of Renewables Astronomical
The News-Sentinel -- 09 July 2015  

There's A Definite Change In The Air When it Comes To The Location Of Wind Farms
Irish Independnet -- 28 May

German Medicos Demand Moratorium On New Wind Farms
The Australian -- 21 May 2015

Chinese Wind Earnings Under Pressure With Fifth Of Farms Idle
Reuters -- 17 May 2015

Government Yet To publish Cost Benefit Analysis On Wind Energy
Irish Independent -- 12 May 2015

Plans For Five Major Data Centres Depend On Power Lines Staying Overground
Irish Independent -- 28 March 2015

An I'll Wind Blowing For The Irish Taxpayer
Irish Examiner -- 26 March 2015

Coillte Plucks Former Political Adviser Leamy From Terra Firma
Irish Times--11 March 2015

Ireland's €475m Dividend Windfall From Semi-State Sector
Irish Independent -- 17 January 2015

Wind Farm Co. Meath: Whole Farms Are Included In The Application - No Just An Acre Here And There
Opinion -- Irish Farmers Journal -- 03 January 2015



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