C.E.R. -- Connection Policy Transitional Arrangements
C.E.R. Decision Paper, 12 October 2016

All-Island Generation Capacity 2016 - 2025
Eirgrid Group, February 2016

Unlocking Ireland’s Biomass Potential – Converting Moneypoint Coal Fired Power Station To Sustainable Biomass
Dr Anthony White and Malcolm Brown, BW Energy: 15 March 2016 (Presnetation at Buswell's Hotel)

Draft Renewable Electricity Policy and Development Framework -- Draft Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Report 2016
Department of Communications, Energy Natural Resources -- January 2016

Ireland's Energy Crisis -- What's To Be Done?
Presentation by Dr. Anthony White of BW Energy Limited -- MacGill Summer School July 2015
Document: Ireland's Energy Crisis -- What's To Be Done?

Decarbonisation Economics And The Benefits Of Biomass Conversion At Moneypoint
BW Energy Limited -- May 2015

Irish Wind Policy -- Time To Rethink
Presentation by Dr. Anthony White & Malcom Brown of BW Energy Limited -- May 2015

Ontario’s Electricity Dilemma - Achieving Low Emissions at Reasonable Electricity Rates
April 2015

Clean Energy What Is It and What Are We Paying For?
Pat Swords -- March 05 2015

Emeritus Alun Evans -- Submission To The Australian Senate's Select Committee on Wind Turbines
February 2015

Night Noise Guidelines For Europe
W.H.O. Europen Office 2009 (See Executive Summary at XI to XII with regrds to Noise, Sleep and Health

National Economic & Social Council (NESC) Publishes Report 139: Wind Energy in Ireland: Building Community Engagement and Social Support
(Press Release -- July 2014)

To Download The Report "Wind Energy In Ireland: Building Human Engagement and Social Support -- Number 139
National Economic & Social Council (NESC) - July 2014

Taylor & Tanton Report -- The Hidden Costs of Wind Electricity
American Tradition Institute Center for Energy Studies Washington, DC -- December 2012

Energy Efficiency No Brainer
Willem Post - 03 September 2010

Energy Policy and Economic Recovery 2010 - 2015
By Irish Acadamey of Engineers (2011)

EirGrid Generation Adequacy Report 2010-2016
EirGrid (2009)

Impact of Wind Power Generation in Ireland -- On the Operations of Conventional Plant and the Economic Implications
ESB National Grid 2004 Report

Wind Energy And CO Emissions - 2
By Fred Udo

Facts About The Savings Of Fossil Fuel By Wind Turbines In The Netherlands
By C. (Kees) le Pair
This article is a shortened version of a report in Dutch: 'Brandstofbesparing bij de Nederlandse elektriciteitsvoorziening' sent to the Netherlands Government and Parliament in August 2012. Parts usually well known to insiders have been left out.

Wind Energy -- The Case In Denmark
By C.E.P.O.S. -- The Center for Politics Study (September 2009)

Irelands Nationals Renewable Energy Action Plan
By The Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources (2012)

EU Will Exceed Renewable Energy Goal Of 20 Percent By 2020
By European Commission -- Eurostats April 2014



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